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Party Bus Rentals Toronto Disclaimer

I/We acknowledge that Party Bus Rentals Toronto is not affiliated in anyway with the company who’s services shall be provided to my on the night of me expected excursion. Party Bus Rentals Toronto is responsible only for the referral of services to other companies, of which we provide online and customer service support. It is the obligation of the referred company to ensure the safe transportation of its passengers to their desired destination. Circus Services is in no way affiliated with Party Bus Rentals Toronto.

Circus Services(Economy party bus) Disclaimer

I/We agree to remain within the vehicle at all times while in motion and may exit when the driver has parked in an area he/she has deemed safe. I/We understand that we are responsible for our own actions and actions of the guests and damages that may occur to the Party Bus. The act of signing up for an excursion makes the individual solely responsible for his/her own safety while on the excursion. At the completion of the excursion, and at all venues throughout the excursion. Circus Services is not responsible for lost or stolen articles during the excursion or after the excursion has ended. No person shall do anything to interfere with the safe operation of the bus, or safety of the driver or other passengers. The driver reserves the right to expel anyone not adhering to these guidelines. I/We understand that smoking is not permitted on the Circus Bus. Should the driver believe that a passenger is a danger to his/herself, others, the safe operation of the bus, or has committed an illegal act while in the vehicle, the Circus Bus reserves the right to refuse admittance to any one or more passengers, or immediately terminate service to any one or more passengers. If for any reason the Circus Bus may have mechanical trouble, weather or any issue for the safety of the passengers the Circus Bus agrees to make up any lost time at the end of the run or at a later date. I/We agree that I/We shall not be entitled to any refund of any amount paid to me by Circus Bus arising out of any limitation or termination of services caused by the actions of any passenger. I/We agree to adhere to all conditions set forth in this agreement.

Circus Services Rental Agreement.

At the time of reservation for the requested date and time there will be a $100 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable (some conditions may apply). The balance can be paid when we arrive to pick your group at your location before we head out The balance can be paid by cash, certified cheque or money order (not credit card). If you cancel within 24 hrs before the trip there will be a cancelation fee of $200.00 on top of the deposit. We do not accept personal cheques. The liability of any damages incurred to the bus by the client or his/her guest is the responsibility of the client. You must be over 18 years of age to make a reservation with CircusBus. Circus Bus is not responsible for underage consumption of alcoholic beverages at any time before, during or after the excursion. By signing the contract he/she agrees not to consume alcoholic beverages while in the Circus Bus. If Circus Bus employees incur fines as a result of violation of this rule, you are responsible to cover all costs associated including but is not limited to: Fines and/or penalties, increased insurance costs, vehicle seizure costs such as towing and impoundment, compensation for lost revenue on night of ordeal. By signing he/she and their guests agrees that if intoxicated, they will not operate a motorized vehicle after leaving the bus. Also the individuals on the bus agree that the Circus Bus and its employees are not responsible for any claims for injuries, loss, damage, death liability, criminal or civil litigation for the participating individual arising out of or relating to an excursion. No person shall be opening the emergency exists on the bus or sitting on the roof, the host and/or driver are in charge so please respect their decision and directions at all times. They are there first and foremost to ensure your and your fellow passenger’s safety as well as making sure that you are having a great time. Refusing to comply with the terms and conditions set forth could result in reservation cancellation. The client assumes all financial obligation with regard to incurred charges. You have agreed to have read, understood and will abide to the rules stated either written and/or verbally by your guide or bus operator.

* Excurions - the term used for the purposes in describing the all services received in relation to a booking. ie: Charter Bus Services, Corporate Event planing etc.

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